Important Logan/Terminal B changes
Posted Monday, June 14, 2010
Logan Airport, Boston MA - June 14, 2010

Dear NELA Members:

Due to construction at Logan Airport's Terminal B, there will be short-term changes to curbside operations from June 23rd to July 1st. At first the plan was to move our pickup location temporarily to the lower level, which we feared would be difficult to communicate effectively to our customers, only to have to redirect them back to the upper level after the construction is completed. The plan now is to leave livery pickup on the upper level, but move it to the turn between the USAir side and the American side. There are currently two lanes in that turn, but barricades will be moved to create three lanes.
This means that our customers exiting from the USAir side will have a short walk to the right to get to the pickup area, and our customers exiting from the American side will have a slightly longer walk to the left to get to the pickup area.
Our drop-offs at Terminal B will remain unchanged.
Massport will be putting up signage pointing our customers to the limo pickup area.  There will be additional staffing to help direct customers, including personnel wearing blue vests with a "?" mark on them.
A diagram is available showing in blue, our current pickup locations at Terminal B. The purple section in the diagram is where our pickup location will be for this 9-day period.  The height limit of 7' 2" on the turn is less than elsewhere at the curb. While this should be fine for vehicles including large SUVs, it could be below the clearance of taller vans. Such vehicles should be aware of this, AND Massport personnel will be positioned to flag-down any such vehicles attempting to enter the turn. These vehicles will pick up their passengers in a small zone on the USAir side between our current pickup location and the turn. This is the uncolored area on the diagram, on the USAir side, between our current blue pickup location, and the temporary purple pickup location.
The Ground Transportation Department will be available for questions, and operators can also arrange for presentations of this information by calling 617.561.1633. Diagrams and presentations will be available to chauffeurs at the limo pool.


For Diagram of Pickup Locations, click here.