Association of the Year!
Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2005

By Steven Thibodeau, Director


During a Gala Evening in the Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the moment came where your association was one of three finalists for LCT’s Association of the Year Award.  “The envelope please…and the winner is…New England Livery Association!”


Yes, your association was bestowed this honor for a second time by LCT magazine and once by Limousine Digest.  With all the other State and regional associations across the country this is truly an amazing feat!  Our efforts to protect our members from unfair State and local government regulations, provide our members with benefits & services from our vendors, and for the last 12 years put together the most successful regional trade show!


As association board members we do not plan to just take the trophy and run.  No, we hope to become like the New England Patriots and Three-peat!  But we cannot do it without you our members.  Strength in numbers means a lot to us.  With the recent merger of the Limousine Operators of Connecticut we are now over 300 members strong and would love to see that number grow to over 400 and more.  We cannot do it alone, we need you to spread the word to your fellow operators.  Let them know why it is important to be a part of an association. 


We are always looking for input as to what we can do for you our members, but we need to actually hear from you!  Call or e-mail our office, tell us what is on your mind.  Tell us if your city or town is trying to force unreasonable regulations to operate within their limits.  Tell us what issues are bothering you.  Tell us what vendor benefits you would like to see.  Ask us about what vendor benefits we currently offer!  The national magazine has told us how we are doing, but we need to hear it from YOU!


As elections are fast approaching, we are looking for motivated members that are willing to give of their time, talent, and insight to keep this association at it’s best.  Please consider running for a seat on our Board of Directors.  Please contact our office for more information about our election process.